XUELK-AN-005: Implementing an Industrial IoT gateway/supervisor

May 23, 2017

SBC Lynx is extremely flexible in terms of communication interfaces and I/O ports. When used in combination with a Linux distribution such as Debian, it is an ideal solution to implement compact highly-integrated cost-effective gateways/supervisors for Industrial Internet of Things applications (IIoT).

IIoT is a vast field that includes several disciplines. At field level, the typical IIoT system requires

  • collecting data from different in nature networks and fieldbuses (an RS485 bus, an Ethernet LAN, an IO-Link port, etc.)
  • uploading the data to the cloud over an Internet connection.

This application note provides some examples of hardware and software configurations that can be used for these purposes. Also, it shows how to harness the versatility of SBC Lynx to integrate on the same platform even processing and controlling functionalities. [1]

The examples were tested on an SBC Lynx board equipped with optional wireless module and that runs Debian distribution, as described here.

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