Video processing and hardware/software partitioning

May 5, 2017

This white paper describes a video processing system - built upon Bora/BoraEVB - that satisfies specific functional and safety requirements.

From the functional point of view, it is required to (FR denotes a functional requirement):

  • [FR1] acquire two independent video streams
  • [FR2] mix the input streams and visualize them on a HDMI monitor
  • [FR3] visualize informational and statistical data on a 7" LVDS TFT LCD.

Safety requirements (SR for short) are:

  • [SR1] FR1 and FR2 must be enabled as quickly as possible upon power-up
  • [SR2] once started, video processing chain must be independent from the software running on PS, that is it must keep operating even in case software running on PS hangs.

The implementation combines different techniques that are available on Zynq platform, to implement a hardware/software partitioning scheme meeting these requirements.

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