DAVE Embedded Systems' manufacturing video tour!

December 21, 2017

Nowdays everything is fast and quick. Time to market is essential and all we are required to give the best possible service as soon as possible. Take a look to our manufacturing plant!

but there are still some passions and jobs where quality and know how are still the most important factors. Quality of service, care of details and continuous learning are key factors for DAVE Embedded Systems' team.

Agile development process for hardware and software tasks permits an efficient service for our customers Manufacturing a unique product requires attention to all aspects including the basics. For these reasons incoming control and warehouse managing are important steps in the value creation of DAVE Embedded Systems' products.

Moreover the equipments used for manufacturing are essential for your exclusive device. That's why the complete process is controlled and traced completely.

Controlling all phases and learning from experience permits to reach the edge of technology providing customers value in terms of reliability and control over the products deployed in the field Every process art requires an high know how in quality.

The same confidence is required in the embedded systems development. For these reasons all test equipments and process controls are made in house providing us the highest possible control over the process.


So, relax and try a DAVE Embedded Systems' device!

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