27 October 2017

We are proud to announce that our company was recently introduced on the Japanese Embedded Community portal!

This event enables to propose our products in this big market where total quality and customer attention are very important.

27 October 2017

DAVE Embedded Systems is glad to announce the introduction of a bug fix in order to prevent Cyber attacks on its embedded devices based on NXP i.MX6 UL platforms.

25 July 2017

NXP i MX6 UL is a Cortex-A7 platform without any video HW accellerator on board. For this reason it may be difficult to capture, manipulate and display a video on a screen with this platform.

21 July 2017

This tutorial shows how to use SMART Package manager on DAVE Embedded Systems' BORA System On Module solutions.

28 June 2017

DAVE Embedded Systems is glad to announce a new SW update for platform solutions based on Texas Instruments AM335x. This new SW update is provided in order to maintain aligned our solutions to the latests versions of Linux Kernel and RFS available in the market.

09 June 2017

NXP i.MX6 Ultra Lite is a low power high efficiency CPU designed for low power application for IoT. Neverthless the device has some interesting video capabilities for simple HMIs. In this video we shows some results we obtained on this platform based on NXP i.MX6 UL

23 May 2017

SBC Lynx is extremely flexible in terms of communication interfaces and I/O ports. When used in combination with a Linux distribution such as Debian, it is an ideal solution to implement compact highly-integrated cost-effective gateways/supervisors for Industrial Internet of Things applications (IIoT).

05 May 2017

Starting from BELK 3.0.1 / BXELK 1.0.0, the archive of pre-built packages belonging to openembedded-core layer is available. This allows to install on the target these packages via smart command, as described here.

05 May 2017

This white paper describes a video processing system - built upon Bora/BoraEVB - that satisfies specific functional and safety requirements.

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