Running OpenWrt Distribution on DAVE Embedded Systems' solution

February 22, 2017

Several "distributions" are available for embedded Linux devices. Embedded Networking is a crucial node of Industry 4.0. For this reason we decided to integrate a State Of the Art distribution for networking on our embedded solutions: OpenWrt.

Generally speaking, OpenWrt is particularly suited for networking devices such as routers and access points. As such, it can be very useful when used in combination with SBC Lynx, to address networking-related use cases.

An exhaustive discussion of OpenWrt is beyond the scope of this application note. For more information, please refer to the project's home page.

The test bed used for this application note is composed of the same hardware/software platform delivered along with the XUELK. The only relevant difference is related to the root file system. The default one will be replaced with the one generated by the OpenWrt build process, as described in the following sections.

XUELK-AN-004: Running OpenWrt distribution

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