09 Febbraio 2018

Nowdays, thanks to embedded systems diffusion and explosive growth anyone is aware about security. One of the key factors is to grant that on a specific hardware devices should be executed only authorized SW. This is extremely important in devices which can be upgraded Over The Air (OTA).

18 Gennaio 2018

DAVE Embedded Systems, on behalf of its customers, is constantly monitoring the embedded space looking for potential issues and critical aspects. In this regard, DAVE Embedded Systems' primarily role is to monitor, understand, and analyze the information in order to provide its customers qualified support to deal with these situations.

10 Gennaio 2018

The DAVE Embedded Systems' team will be participating at Embedded World 2018 with a new booth design. This is the 20th anniversary for DAVE Embedded Systems so we will celebrate this event during the show presenting the past, present and future success stories the company has collected up until now!

21 Dicembre 2017

Nowdays everything is fast and quick. Time to market is essential and all we are required to give the best possible service as soon as possible. Take a look to our manufacturing plant!

DAVE Embedded Systems manufacturing

DAVE Embedded Systems' manufacturing video tour!

Nowdays everything is fast and quick. time to market is essential and all we are required to give the best possible service as soon as possible. but there are still some passions and jobs where quality and know how are still the most important factors....

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