Case Histories

Beside offering off-the-shelf modules, also called System-On-Module, DAVE Embedded Systems provides technical consultancy service related to embedded systems. Particularly, we design embedded systems on specific customer's request as following case studies demonstrate.

Simultaneous dual IP video decoding H264

In this video is shown a simple video streaming application where 2 video streaming are delivered to the target platform. On the target platform the 2 streams are received, decoded and played simultaneously on dual LVDS screens. The target board is a NXp i.MX6 mounted on DAVE Embedded Sysrtems SBC Axel

Simultaneous dual IP video decoding H264 block diagram


BORA Xpress supports two different Zynq part numbers: XC7Z015 and XC7Z030. XC7Z015 integrates GTP transceivers whose maximum data rate is 6.25 Gbps. XC7Z030 integrates GTX transceivers instead. In this case maximum data rate is 6.6 Gbps.
Actual maximum attainable data rate is determined by several factors, many of which are related to the carrier board design. One important factor that lies in the middle of the SoM/carrier stacking is the connectors mating.
This Technical Report describes the tests that have been performed on BORA Xpress's serial transceivers with the Vivado 2014.4 Serial I/O Analyzer and IBERT IP. These are valuable tools are very useful to provide a first order approximation of the characterization of such a mating.

DAVE Embedded Systems' BORA XILINX ZYNQ SoM with Lumineq Display

DAVE Embedded Systems with Lumineq Display (BENEQ) has developed a proof of concept display solution for industrial applications. The solution includes DAVE Embedded Systems’ BORA System On Module. BORA board is designed with XILINX Zynq dual core ARM processor with FPGA. BORA board provides flexibility and CPU power which allows the end customer to build other applications along with the display. DAVE Embedded Systems is the first company to provide such an integrated solution for applications which require clear display in the presence of sun and with wide viewing angle. This solution can be customized for various target markets. This evaluation board is a development platform for the end customer to build their own applications which uses real Hi Rel components like BORA board and Lumineq Display.

SILICA presents BORA Xpress by DAVE Embedded Systems Xilinx Zynq XC7Z015/XC7Z030 CPU Module

BORA Xpress is the new top-class Dual Cortex-A9 + FPGA CPU module by DAVE Embedded Systems, based on the recent Xilinx Zynq XC7Z015/XC7Z030 application processor.

emtas offered CANopen protocol stack into the Zynq based CPU module on BORA

Since the beginning of 2015 company emtas has offered projects showing how to integrate the company's CANopen protocol stack into the Zynq based CPU module on BORA by DAVE Embedded Systems ( The company headquartered in Italy, has been in the embedded modules business since 1998 and has established itself as one of the leading European Companies for embedded solutions.


X-POLES, a CINETIX Group product, is a portable, lightweight, battery operated, instrument to verify the wooden poles conditions (typically telephone poles) through a Patented vibrational analysis.

The DAVE Embedded Systems dashboard

The DAVE Embedded Systems dashboard is a standalone graphical controller integrated in FPGA and controlled via SPI protocol.

Remote Localization Unit

It is a vehicle tracking and safety system based on the X86 architecture and built around the NEPTUNE CPU module.

AVR32 for real-time video applications

The AVR32 is a System on Chip (SoC) from Atmel specifically designed for multimedia applications like mobile media player, GPS, hand held devices and so on. The aim of this application note is to show the performance of this platform with real-time video applications. The hardware and the software described in this application note is developed under contract for one of our customers.

Retrofit Board managing SNMP protocol

DAVE Embedded Systems provides a low cost solution retrofitting existing equipment via RS232 and interpreting SNMP commands.


Turnkey system dedicated to industrial applications based on Linux operating system. This is a success story by DAVE Embedded Systems which created one of the first SBC in the ARM market.

DAVE Embedded Systems Embedded PC

DAVE Embedded Systems embedded PC board is based on the Neptune processor module, providing a rich set of ready-to-use I/O interfaces and peripherals. The perfect solution for an easy introduction in the embedded world.

HVAC and heating controls

Evolutionary user interfaces help a lot in designing friendly interface devoted to control devices for heating and HVAC.


BERYL is a turnkey system dedicated to high-performance industrial control applications based on Linux.

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